Boeing Responds to 737 Announcement

In response to the FAA's announcement today that it would mandate changes to the 737 rudder system, Boeing issued the following statement.

"Boeing worked closely with the FAA in identifying and developing the changes to the 737 rudder system. We are pleased that our proposals were carefully analyzed and reviewed.

"The rudder system changes are the culmination of a lengthy process involving the FAA, Boeing and others in the industry. As a result of the FAA's design review and our own review of data, it was decided that a number of changes could be made to bring the current-model 737s up to levels of performance similar to the Next Generation airplanes.

"We regard the final package of changes as appropriate, reasonable and technically sound. They will serve to make a safe airplane even safer.

"Boeing will continue to work closely with the FAA in terms of testing and validating the changes."