Boeing to Offer New 767 Derivative

In response to market interest, the Boeing Board of Directors has authorized the Commercial Airplane Group to offer a proposed 767-400ERX for sale to the world's airlines. A program go-ahead would depend on obtaining sufficient launch orders. The tentative target delivery date is the year 2000.

The 767-400ERX is planned as a derivative of the 767, and would be an important new member of the Boeing family of airplanes sized between the 767-300 and the 777-200. The new derivative features a stretched fuselage; aerodynamic improvements, including additional wing span and winglets on the wing tip; increased takeoff weight capability; and an all new main landing gear.

"This new 767-400ERX brings significant improvements in operating economics over airplanes offered by our competitors," said Ed Renouard, vice president and general manager of 747/767 Programs. "Its increased payload capability, intercontinental range, passenger comfort and commonality with other Boeing jetliners will represent great value in the marketplace."

The 767-400ERX would provide:

  • 10- to 15-percent more seats than the 767-300 -- accommodating 245 passengers in a three-class configuration compared to 218 in the -300 version. The added seats reduce operating costs relative to the 767-300ER, which already offers airlines the lowest operating costs in its class;
  • Range capability (approximately 6,500 statute miles) to fly the majority of routes currently being served by the 767-300ER;
  • All the familiar passenger comforts of the popular 767 interior; and,
  • The same reliable engines, airframe systems, and the 757/767 flight crew type rating.

"This commonality will ensure a virtually transparent addition to existing 767 fleets and minimal impact to existing 757 fleets," Renouard said. "The 767-400ERX will help airlines take advantage of intercontinental growth markets as well as replace older airplanes serving transcontinental routes."

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